This statement could be a description of the work of Africa A+. At the heart of our work is a desire to develop the child’s innate creativity. This aligns closely with our mission and goals as seen on our Orientation page. These goals underpin all that A+ does. One might consider why the A+ style of intervention is necessary? By addressing the child’s innate desire to work creatively and explore the world around them, we allow them to develop valuable skills such as problem-solving, entrepreneurship and even the capacity to be adaptive in ever changing times. A+ starts by tapping into the teacher’s own creativity to enable them to pass the message onto their learners. When this is coupled with showing our teachers how to make use of recyclable materials or loose parts as we call them, then the magic happens! Despite the pandemic, 2021 saw A+ implement teacher training in the Kouga Municipality, providing a positive result at the end of our first year of fieldwork as seen on our Monitoring and Evaluation page. All our programmes were kept on track, according to funder deliverables. Contact was maintained between sessions using WhatsApp. This allowed continued support between sessions of engagement

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The “Theory of Loose Parts: An important principle for design methodology, 1972” was developed by an architect, Simon Nicholson in the 1970’s. He stated that children need loose, moveable parts to extend their imaginations and thinking: “In any environment, both the degree of inventiveness and creativity, and the possibility of discovery are directly proportional to number and kinds of variables in it.”  – A+ applies this approach as a key part of our teacher training.


A+ encourages teachers to actively engage children in learning through movement and play. Faith in Action Educare is playing a fun game that teaches the children about space and position, listening and following instructions, and co-operation.

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