Annual Report 2022

Message From The Chairman Of The Board

It is with great pleasure we present this report for our past year of activity, another big step forward for Africa A+ Schools in South Africa. The past three years have been very challenging for all of us, with restrictions on our normal way of life and, lately, price increases for basic goods, such as fuel and food, that hurt everyone, but in particular children all over the country. Despite these challenges, A+ have grown organically as planned, and has strengthened its capabilities and resilience as an organisation throughout these tough times. Projects and activities have continued to been delivered as per the project plans, albeit with corrections in mode of communication, virtual meetings when appropriate and a general preparedness to be accommodating of needs as they arise. But it has been done! During the past couple of years, we have not only continued with projects already started, we have also started new ones during this time. The A+ Schools model has now reached the stage where the organisation is “training the trainers”, making sure we leave a lasting impression in our project schools and that the creativity and joy that comes from following the A+ model is permeated in the areas where we conduct our work. Something does not come from nothing. I know personally that all our team members are emotionally devoted to create better learning conditions for children all over the country and it is with great honour and humility I say; thank you for all your great efforts! Without your dedication and relentless energy and drive, A+ Schools would not be where it is!

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