NCF Workshop: 4th and 5th July 2023

A+ facilitated two workshops on the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) for the LKRS ECD Forum at the Lansdowne community hall in Cape Town. Fifty three ECD teachers and principals from Rondebosch East, Lansdowne, Athlone, Sybrand Park, and Delft attended. What worked well, according to the participants, was marrying theory (NCF’s ELDA aims, themes, key ideas) to practice (working with materials to create play-based learning activities for children linked to the ELDA aims, themes and key ideas).    


One teacher reflected “I have been to NCF training/workshops before but as soon as I leave the building I forget what I have learned. Today was a whole new experience. I don’t think I will ever forget the Elda’s after this. Lots of thanks.”


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