Malungeni Field Trip. January 2024

A+ completed their 5th field to Malungeni from 7th – 14th January. The children were not at school yet so it provided the perfect opportunity for the teachers to demonstrate a morning ring to their peers. The reflections afterwards ranged from how to implement active learning through movement and song, inquiry learning through questioning, and talking to and with children.

Two full day workshops followed in which the teachers engaged in experiential learning that connected the teachers with the arts and their own creativity and imagination. Using the quote, “The real voyage of discovery consists not of seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes” (Marcel Proust), the teachers were invited to walk outside and find something familiar, such as an object or plant, and to look at it with ‘fresh eyes’. After a discussion on ‘What did you notice?’ and ‘What are the implications of using this when planning activities for children?’, the teachers worked in groups to plan play-based learning activities around a theme of their choice.

A Saturday morning parent workshop concluded the week. The workshop focused on nutrition with an introduction to the ‘Thrive by Five’ report followed by a discussion on the family’s favourite meals. The parents designed a nutritious menu and then made healthy sandwiches using peanut butter and bananas which they shared with each other.