Field trip: May 2022

The Africa A+ team undertook their third 2022 field trip to Kouga from 8 – 15th May. The field trip activities included on-site support visits to 17 ECD centres (mornings), and four workshops (afternoons) for the 26 schools participating in the Kouga Windfarm ECD project.

  • On-site visits to Cohort 1 and 2 ECD centres (9 – 14th May)

The two A+ facilitators visited 17 ECD centres and worked with the teachers and children teaching in joyful and meaningful ways using recyclable and found materials from the iZinto materials centre. The purpose of each visit is to understand the context in which each school community finds themselves, and to show the staff diverse ways of facilitating quality play-based learning experiences with children.

To view and download the Kouga Windfarm Trust ECD project, May 2022 document then please click on the download button below

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The “Theory of Loose Parts: An important principle for design methodology, 1972” was developed by an architect, Simon Nicholson in the 1970’s. He stated that children need loose, moveable parts to extend their imaginations and thinking: “In any environment, both the degree of inventiveness and creativity, and the possibility of discovery are directly proportional to number and kinds of variables in it.”  – A+ applies this approach as a key part of our teacher training.

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