Africa A+ undertook their sixth 2022 field trip to Kouga from 7th – 17th September. The focus of the field trip was to introduce the 13 Cohort 3 ECD centres, who were entering the Kouga Windfarm Trust ECD project for the first time, to the A+ approach. Africa A+ is now working with 38 ECD centres in the Kouga area. The Field trip 6 activities are outlined below:


A baseline survey for each Cohort 3 ECD centre  (8 – 9th September 2022)

A+ first completed a Teaching and Learning Survey at each Cohort 3 ECD centre. These surveys serve as a baseline against which pedagogical progress is measured over the next three years

This meeting is an attempt by A+ to work with the ECD principals in managing the loss of pedagogical skills caused by high staff turnover. A+ has observed over the two years a steady stream of teachers leaving the poorer ECD centres to find better paying work elsewhere. Their replacements are young untrained practitioners which puts the school back to entry level in terms of providing a quality early learning programme. The attendees responded positively to the idea of A+ training principals on how to facilitate staff development to ensure a quality learning programme.


Kouga Facilitators’ Training Session (10th September 2022)

 A+ is training a team of nine local faciliators to support the Kouga ECD centres after the project has ended.


Cohort 3 Summer Institute (12 – 16th September 2022)

The five day Summer Institute for the 13 Cohort 3 ECD centres went smoothly. Each day involved the participants in experiential learning, the creative arts, personal development, teamwork, planning, the 0-4 years National Curriculum Framework, and reflection.

The highlights of the Summer Institute were:

  • The participants’ enthusiasm, active engagement, enjoyment, and growing confidence.
  • Building an ECD community, the tasty food, and the facilitators’ co-facilitation. Comments from the participants:
  • Daar is niks verveeling aan die gang in hierdie plek!” [There is nothing boring going on in this place!] (Nicoline).
  • I have been teaching for 25 years. DSD [Department of Social Development] did many, many trainings but then I met A+. Wow! This is it!” (Elysteen)


Celebrating successes

  • Seven Kouga principals and teachers graduated with a Level 4 ECD certificate. This is the result of a collaboration between ITEC and Africa A+ Schools.
  • Although changing mindsets takes time, some ECD centres are already shifting their thinking about early education:
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Good day

Without a doubt, the participants on both days ,were blown away by your facilitation of the ELDA’s.

The consensus is that they have learnt more in one day, than the previous workshops they have attended!

From LKRS ECD Forum, heartfelt thank you for making yourself available, for the great effort in setting up the Hall and the well-presented workshop.

We hope we can utilise your facilitation skills again!!

Yours in quality education for all.




Quotes from participants in our recent workshop. ‘What has changed since you joined A+ training?’

  • My thoughts have changed.
  • I have build more confidence and, I started to believe in myself.
  • It gave me the spirit that I can be a teacher to the children and loving one another.
  • I am a better person.

There is a lot I have learnt because when starting here I didn’t know a thing.

  • I have learned so many things that I never could have thought of.
  •  I have learned a lot and have also learned to give children opportunities to be
  • Positief te dink (Think positively).
  • My critical thinking evolved and expanded.
  • Jy kom leeg en jy gaan weg altyd vol (You come empty and you always go away


A+ encourages teachers to actively engage children in learning through movement and play. Faith in Action Educare is playing a fun game that teaches the children about space and position, listening and following instructions, and co-operation.

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