Africa A+ M&E field trip: 18 – 23 September 2023

The Africa A+ team completed their second field trip for Year 4 of the Kouga ECD Trust ECD project. A+ is working with 40 ECD centres in the Kouga area. During the week of 11 – 16 th September A+ facilitated:

  • Site support visits at 10 ECD centres. The value of A+ modelling teaching during a site visit is beautifully expressed by Elsie Vermaak, the principal of Siembamba, in her WhatsApp message:  “….. staff are really great full [grateful]  for the site visit. one of them call me asite [aside] and said she see now why I encourage  them to  work with lose [loose] parts  and do it hands on. sometimes they get cross  when I encourage them. but now everything is clear to them.”
  • Kouga facilitators’ training session: the local facilitation team in training spent the 18 th September setting up their first solo training: the Cohort 1 Spring Conference on the 19 th September. Although the conference was planned with the support of A+, this was their first time the Kouga facilitators were going to facilitate a training event independently of A+.
  • Cohort 1 Spring Conference: The eight Kouga faciliators facilitated their first professional development, the one day Cohort 1 Spring Conference, on the 19 th September at the Kruisfontein Civic Centre (the planning for the Cohort 1 Spring Conference was done at the one day Facilitators’

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