Africa A+ field trip: October 2023

The Africa A+ team completed their last field trip for 2023 (in November and December the ECD centres’ attention turns to graduations, meetings, reports and concerts). During the week of the 2 – 6 th October the A+ team facilitated the following with the 40 Kouga ECD centres;

  • Facilitators’ Learning Session (2nd October 2023) Each field trip includes a learning session for the eight local facilitators in training. Today’s three hour session focused on successful teamwork, a reflection on 2023, and making plans for how best to support the Kouga ECD centres in 2024.
  • Cohort 2 Spring Conference 1 (3rd and 4th October 2023)
    Principals and teachers from nine Cohort 2 ECD centres attended two days of professional development. The focus was on the NCF curriculum, creativity, working with loose parts, reflection and planning 2024. The highlights were the participants’ enthusiastic engagement and the creative workshops facilitated by guest artists, Graham Jones and Theresa Hardman. If we want our ECD centres to nurture the children’s creativity then we must first make sure that the teachers are in touch with and enjoying their own creativity.

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