Implementation support igniting teacher creativity

The Africa A+ facilitators have been busy supporting the principals, educators, and support staff of the Africa A+ member schools in how to nurture future-based skills in children i.e. creativity (critical thinking, problem-solving, curiosity, innovation, imagination, and an entrepreneurial mindset). Each workshop begins with igniting the staff’s creativity through the arts – if we want our teachers to nurture children’s creativity, they first need to get in touch with and enjoy their own creativity. The next step is enabling teachers to make the link between nurturing children’s creativity in the classroom and realising curriculum outcomes through the arts. The thread that is at the heart of every workshop is the idea of multiple learning pathways and that “Every child can learn – just not on the same day or in the same way” (George Evans).

ABC Pre-primary had a drama and storytelling workshop on the 25th March 2017

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