Changing attitudes and behaviour takes time. Africa A+ works with the whole school for a minimum of three years to ensure the sustainable delivery of a quality early education.

Africa A+ Schools:

  • Facilitates the professional development of staff and school leaders
  • Supports on-site implementation all year round
  • Develops a team of community A+ trainers who will support the schools beyond the three years
  • Work with schools in the context they find themselves because, when we are gone, the context remains. We enable schools to identify their unique needs and strengths, and to thrive despite the context.
  • Focuses on nurturing creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking, collaboration, and an entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Includes all stakeholders: principals, teachers, assistants, aftercare, administrators, service staff, parents, carers and community.
  • Supports the aims and outcomes of South African curricula i.e. CAPS and the 0-4 years National Curriculum Framework (NCF).
Here is a snapshot of what we mean by enabling a quality early education:

Our results

Pilot project Year 1 evaluation: Biersteker & Burtt (2017)

Children who have access to a quality play-based education.
Schools who work as a team and see themselves as agents of change in children’s lives.

In the words of our participants: