Please help donating to these various non profit projects. Below is a short description of the project and a link to it’s go fund me page. Thank you.

Help inspire children to imagine, create and learn

One of the organizations projects is Izinto Africa, a fledgling initiative modeled after the Remida in Reggio Emilia, Italy and Teaching Beyond the Square in NYC both of which are dedicated to the collection, storing and curating of discarded materials from local businesses for creative re-use in Early Childhood Centres and schools. Materials include discarded industrial materials and household recyclables.

Give vulnerable children an education

The quality of early childhood education in rural communities is highly problematic and contextually challenged by lack of water, food, payment for teachers and their upskilling. This results in teachers doing little more than a ‘babysitting’ job during the key years of early development. With my heightened awareness of the need to provide quality early childhood education, I took the decision to actively participate in change and joined the Board for Africa A plus schools. This step has to date, afforded me the privilege of seeing change happen whilst being part of that change. It has affirmed for me, that sharing my skills together with working collaboratively with a passionate team of ECD specialists, can actively drive change in our poorest communities.

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