Africa A+ M&E field trip: 11 – 16 th September 2023

The Africa A+ team began their fourth year with the Kouga Windfarm Trust ECD project with a field trip. During the week of 11 – 16 th September A+ facilitated:

  • The Facilitators’ Retreat: one day of professional development for the eight Kouga facilitators in training. A+ trains a team of local ECD facilitators to ensure sustainability: when the project is over and A+ is gone, these facilitators will take over the support and development of the Kouga ECD centres.
  • Site support visits were made to seven ECD centres by the two A+ facilitators. The purpose of the site visit is to model teaching children and to understand the context in which each centre and community finds themselves. The site visits also help A+ to plan their workshops to meet the needs of the Kouga ECD centres.
  • The Cohort 3 Spring Conference: three days of professional development for the principals, teachers and staff of 17 ECD centres. The participants engaged with the four pedagogical tools in the ‘A+ Toolbox’:
    1) The eight A+ Essentials
    2) The Arts
    3) The 0 – 4years National Curriculum Framework (NCF)
    4) Loose parts (recyclable, found and discarded materials repurposed for joyful and meaningful teaching and learning).
    The participants created eight A+ Essential posters and created play-based learning activities using the 0 – 4 years National Curriculum Framework and loose parts. Two guest artists enabled the participants to get in touch with and enjoy their creativity through the arts. The conference included reflections on 2023 and planning ECD activities for 2024.

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